The company was founded in 1956 by Mario Invernizzi and Carlo Mutazzi, who decided to merge their complementary skills and competences. After the war, Mario had started producing tops for airtight containers, while Carlo was in charge of a company which produced wire nets. Invernizzi & Mutazzi soon decided to stop producing container tops and moved on to the production of nets and wires, the typical manufacturing field of the area sorrounding Lecco. The initial wire manufacturing evolved into the complete production of by-products, such as hard wire, hot-dip wire and wire nets. The company, which has by now reached the third generation, being run by members of the family, produces 51,000 tons of wire and nets on average, with a turnover of almost 10 million euros. Along with products for the traditional distribution and agricultural market, Invernizzi & Mutazzi stands out today for the production of technical wires and electrowelded nets for specific purposes.